Is Watching Pornography In A Relationship Right Or Wrong?

Dear readers, I saw this interesting piece online and thought to share it with you. Kindly read and let’s have your opinions in the comments section.

I have always seen this as a big deal in a relationship, I don’t know why but I think personally it feels like the partner is cheating. So I’ve come to ask this questions just to make myself belief that I’m not a crazy lady and that my gut feeling on this issue is right. Months ago, I went and looked through my boyfriend’s phone.  Continue reading 

Reader’s Mail: My Wife Wants Oral Sex & I Hate It! What Can I Do?

I sieved through the tons of emails in my mailbox and chose to share this one with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Dear Readers,

My wife and I have been married for 3 years and we are blessed with a baby girl. We’ve been having issues bordering of oral sex since our wedding night. While she likes it, I am not comfortable doing it! I also don’t allow her perform it on me as I think its dirty and despicable. Her position is that I am cheating her by being the only one who “cums” all the time and I feel guilty anytime she says that. Am I being too selfish or do I have the right to stick to my opinion here? How can I overcome this predicament that is eroding the fabrics of our marriage? Please intelligent and useful comments only.



For The Guys Only: What Men Should Know About Women’s Privates

I found this article very educative and thought to share ot with the guys …

A wise girl saw some of her male classmates plucking mangoes. She pleaded for one, but they refused and asked her to climb. She climbed and plucked as many as possible. When she got home, her mother asked, “My dear, how did you get all these mangoes?” She replied, “I asked my classmates to give me, they refused and told me to climb. So, I climbed the tree and plucked them.” Continue reading


How To Always Make Your Husband Happy

Every man – like every woman – is different, but this may explain what’s going on next time you find him analyzing his fantasy team like his life depends on it.
Husbands need to feel needed
“For husbands, not being able to impress your wife from time to time is like Kryptonite for Superman,” says Lois Barth, a relationship and career coach based in New York City. “Just think of the movies most men love to watch: lone hero in the town against the bad guys saving the day. That hero chip is hardwired into most men – as long as we let them be.” Don’t rush to do the jobs you dread just to tick another item off on your to-do list – asking for help can bring you closer.

Continue reading 

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