Saying Wike Defeated Amaechi Is Laughable

PDP has it’s strongest structure in the whole of the south, in Rivers state. Rivers people have never voted for any party aside the umbrella party. From Governors all the way down to councillors, it has always being PDP all the way, even as far back as 1998.

PDP is rivers and rivers is PDP. A TA orji PDP candidacy in a Rivers would Garner more votes than a Fashola candidacy, from another party. Even if you present a fowl as a PDP candidate in Rivers state, he would still win any election.

Adding to this is the sense of betrayal and hate the people feels for APC is particular for snatching the presidency from their Son, GEJ.

So this victory does not in anyway portray wikes political clout. The result would have being same if dakuku was the PDP candidate.

wike would never in his life measure up to amaechi. wike has always being amaechis understudy. Wike has never won any electoral post squarely. Odili made him CTC chairman. Amaechi made him chief of staff and also a federal minister. Mama peace gave him PDP candidacy in Rivers polls.

Amaechi is a career politician. contested and won his state assembly seat and went on to become the longest serving speaker. contested and won the PDP primaries even against might godfathers like OBJ. contested and won the chairmanship of the NGF even against opposition from a siting president.

Masterminded the defeat of a party that has being in power for 16 years.

Amaechi is a general. comparing wike to amaechi is like comparing your domestic cat to a Lion.

Wike should stop all the noise and focus on good governance for his people.

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