Man Pours Boiling Water On Gay Step-Son & Lover

Gay dude

21-year-old Anthony Gooden was attacked by his step father, 48-year-old Martin Blackwell, after Blackwell caught him at their home with another man. Anthony who is openly gay had been warned by Blackwell not to bring men to the home he shared with his wife, who is Anthony’s mother. A stubborn Anthony last week invited a male companion to spend the night with him and when Martin found out, he reportedly entered the room and poured scalding hot water on the couple.

“Get out of my house with all that gay,” Blackwell allegedly said.

Martin and his partner suffered from second- and third-degree burns. The partner that required skin to be moved from his thigh to his back over 10 days in the hospital.Anthony is recuperating in hospital. Martin has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

All this wahala for being gay???

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