Photos: President Obama Becomes First Sitting President To Visit Cuba In Nine Decades!

Obama becomes first President to set foot in Cuba for NINE DECADES


The first family has arrived in Cuba to begin their historic trip of the communist nation. Air Force One touched down in Havana – in the pouring rain – just before 4:30pm ET on Sunday for the visit the White House says will ‘deepen’ America’s relationship with the communist government following more than half a century of tension. President Obama became the first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit the island after he flew from Andrews Air Fore base with wife Michelle, daughters Sasha and Malia and the First Lady’s mother, Marian Robinson.

Air Force One touched down in Havana - just as the heavens let down a pouring rain - arriving at 4:20pm ET on Sunday for a visit the White House says will 'deepen' America's relationship with the government following more than half a century of tension

The clouds opened just before the wheels hit the tarmac in Cuba’s capital, meaning the First Family had to disembark with umbrellas. protesters marching against Cuba’s human rights record were arrested in Havana. The U.S. president will meet with Cuban dictator Raul Castro during his visit, as well as dissidents of the authoritarian government.

President Barack Obama waved to hundreds of Cubans gathered in Old Havana as he was taken on a tour amid heavy rain

The President, First Lady, Malia and Sasha Obama were all on board Air Force One as it landed in Havana, Cuba, for the first time

Obama's huge security detail surrounded the president and his family as they walked through Old Havana during the historic visit

Obama's daughters Malia and Sasha beamed as they sheltered under an umbrella at Havana's airport after arriving in Cuba on Sunday

Rain on their parade: The Obamas looked less than impressed by the rain as it came down hard on them while they toured Old Havana after landing in Cuba on Sunday evening

Obama points to the crowd as he heads to his limousine in the rain. He prepared to meet with U.S. embassy staff and go on a tour of Old Havana after getting off the plane

Taking shelter: The Obama family did their best to stay dry as they were led around downtown by the city's historian in the first hours of their visit

Obama waves after his arrival on Jose Marti Airport in Havana before being driven into the city for a tour of its Old Town district

The tour must go on! The president appeared to be explaining something to his daughter Malia as they were guided around Old Havana on a rainy evening

Cuban and American flags were flown from the president's car as it left the airport in the direction of Havana's Old Town, where he will be given a tour this evening 

U.S. President Barack Obama stands near a portrait of Abraham Lincoln rolled out just for his visit as he is guided on a tour of the Museum of the City of Havana

President Barack Obama waves as he and his wife Michelle walk into a room with the U.S. ambassador to Cuba, Jeffrey DeLaurentis (left), soon after the Obamas arrived in Cuba

President Barack Obama steps over a puddle as he and his family tours the cobbled streets of Old Havana, despite the rain

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle talk with the staff of the U.S. embassy at a Havana hotel soon after their arrivalMichelle and Malia Obama were also careful to stay on their feet as they made their way through the old town's center

Family outing: The first family pressed on, despite the stormy skies, strolling through the Plaza des Armas as they huddled under their umbrellas as they made their way to the Museo de la Ciudad, the museum of the Cuba's capital city

Obama and his wife Michelle approach Cuba's foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez (left) as they arrive at Havana's international airport for a three-day trip. They are seen taking their first step onto the communist nation's soil

For more info/photos about the trip click here

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