Hulk Hogan Cries As He Is Awarded $115m In Damages After Lawsuit Against Gawker

Hulk Hogan wins sex tape lawsuit against Gawker with jury awarding him $115M

Hulk Hogan has won his lawsuit against Gawker. The wrestler was awarded $115million in damages by a jury in Florida after the website posted a leaked sex video that showed him engaging in intercourse with his best friend’s wife. Hogan broke down in tears in the courtroom as the foreman read the jury’s verdict. The jury took just five hours to deliberate on Friday, and found in favor of Hogan on all counts. Hogan and his team had only been asking for $100million in their lawsuit. More photos after the break

Good news: Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit against Gawker on Friday, breaking down in tears after the jury read their verdict (above hugging his lawyer)

Response: Hogan did not speak to reporters but did post on Twitter Friday evening (above)

Hulk Hogan, whose given name is Terry Bollea, walks out of the courthouse on March 18, 2016

Hogan out: Hulk Hogan exits the courtroom with his legal team on Friday after the verdict was announced by the jury

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