DSS Parades Ekiti Lawmaker, Afolabi Akanni Rumored To Have Died In Its Custody

Afolabi Akanni, the Ekiti state assembly lawmaker whom the state government claimed had died in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS), has been produced to journalists by the service. While speaking to journalists yesterday, Abdullahi Garba of the DSS, said:

“You may have been aware of the recent situation in Ekiti state in which the DSS was accused of abducting the state assembly legislators. The fact is that one of the members of the assembly, Hon Akanni Afolabi, was duly invited over some serious breaches bordering on state security, and for which he has some explanations to make.

This press conference has become necessary in order to debunk a rumour which is being dangerously spread in Ekiti state by some mischief makers to the effect that Afolabi has died in custody. Nigerians and Ekiti people in particular are convinced to see that Afolabi is hale and hearty.”…. bt only appears to b in labour pains

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