Stella Damascus Criticizes Senate’s Rejection Of ‘The Gender Equality Bill’

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, shared her opinion once again by speaking against the rejection of The Gender Equality Bill by the Nigeria Senate. Showing her disappointment concerning this development, she wrote on her Instagram:

”If we cannot go to every government representative to show them how unacceptable it is then why should we even talk about it?” This is totally unacceptable and if every African woman cannot rise up to fight for their rights and the rights of their daughters, then why should anyone listen or care?”

“If every woman who is a mother, wife, sister, aunt or even neighbor to any senator, governor, minister etc cannot speak to them about this then let’s all go to bed. I am tired of seeing the same people fight for the rights of women and children, risking their lives everyday while others act like they don’t care.”

Her position is that the fight to win equal roles for women in the society is a duty of all females. According to the actress, the cause is lost if women don’t stand united and speak with one voice in their bid to fight against marginalisation, which is the trend in most African nations.

Modern nations use bills to strengthen their democracy and weak social systems, it is rather unfortunate that Nigeria, a country with a high potential when compared to its African contemporaries has failed to address an issue which is suppose to stamp-out gender discrimination.


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