Maria Sharapova Steps Out For The First Time After Drug Cheat Scandal

Maria Sharapova hits the gym decked out in Nike gear and drives her Porsche - even though

Maria Sharapova was spotted at the gym in Los Angeles (inset) wearing black Nike leggings and a black Nike sweatshirt – even though the brand ended her most lucrative deal, just hours after she revealed she had failed a drug test. Sharapova, 24, also drove her Porsche (left) to Whole Foods (right), this time wearing white Nike sneakers (bottom left). Porsche, another one of her partners, said they wouldn’t pursue further activities with her. The Russian athlete looked relaxed and smiled even though she has lost millions worth of sponsorship contracts in the past 24 hours and doesn’t know yet how her career will be affected. See more photos after the break

Maria Sharapova was spotted hitting the gym in Los Angeles, just a day after admitting she had failed a drug test and would be suspended as a result

Sharapova, 28, was also spotted driving her Porsche to the supermarket on Tuesday afternoon. Porsche, said that while they are 'certainly not dumping' Sharapova, they are currently 'not pursuing any further activities' with her


Sharapova, pictured during her trip to Whole Foods on Tuesday, said she received an email telling her meldonium had been added to the list of banned substances  but didn't look at it

The Russian athlete said she was first given meldonium in 2006 by her 'family doctor' due to health issues such as a magnesium deficiency and a genetic disposition towards diabetes

Credit: Daily Mail

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