Northern Politician, Najatu Muhammad, Rejects Buhari’s Appointment

Northern politician and activist, Najatu Muhammad, has rejected a federal appointment by president Buhari.The staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and an associate of the president’s wife, was appointed chairperson of the governing council of the Dutse Federal University on Saturday as vice-chancellors of the 12 universities established by former President Goodluck Jonathan were also fired. In a quarter-page newspaper advert published in Daily Trust on Monday and addressed to Adamu Adamu, minister of education, she wrote:

“Sir, I Najatu Muhammad wishes (wish) to thank you so much for considering me worthy of being appointed the chairperson of Dutse Federal University. It’s however unfortunate that I was not consulted before the announcement in the media. I also regret that I have to use the same medium to announce that I can’t accept the appointment for personal reasons.”


“I will however remain an ardent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari in his effort in charting a new course for this country. A course that we pray will put this country back to the path of progress.”


I will also continue to support the presidents (president’s) fight against corruption and other ills of this country. My unflinching support for the President will remain for Allah’s sake and country. I pray that Allah will continue to guide and protect our President.”


“Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


“Thank you.”

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