Lil Kim Reacts To Unattractive’ Images Of Her

On Thursday, Lil Kim had the internet going crazy as an image of her sporting a much fuller figure started doing the rounds. Fans were at a loss when the original picture from a concert in December was placed side-by-side with the digitally altered image. While celebrities and models have been known to add some extra curves with the current popularity of big behinds, the image of the star taken backstage at BOOM Bash 2015 on December 12 did not appear to be something the 41-year-old rapper had approved.

In the original image, the Shake Ya Bum Bum rapper’s Lycra bodysuit-clad bottom casts a shadow on the wall behind her.

Real or not? Many more images from that concert also started doing the rounds making it hard to tell what had been photoshopped and what hadn'tProud of her curves: The 41-year-old posted a number of pictures of herself, including this one promoting slimming tea

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